Thursday, June 4, 2009


Kerry and I saw Disney Pixar's new animated movie "UP" ... was SOOO GOOD!!!! Here we are sporting our 3D glasses
before the movie! :o)
"Squirrel! ... hi, there..."


Kay R. said...

I LOVE this picture!! It is waaaay cool.

Jane Foy said...

Kelly looks cool: Kerry looks creepy!! Wanna see that movie! I'm afraid the 3D will give me a headache!

Ann said...

Kerry is so very scary in that picture :-) Love it!

Kelly said...

3D was awesome! I felt a little seasick at first but you get used to it and the little flicks they show before the movie are sooo cute you forget how you feel cause your laughing or jumping from things flying at you! (yes, Kerry is so scary!! :o)